Testimonials / Success Stories

"I’ve run a construction firm and have known Richard for over 20 years as a friend and business professional, but it was not until I needed help with creating Guaranteed Income and Tax-Free Income in Retirement that I required Richard’s expertise. By working on a smart, Tax-Free and Penalty Free plan I was able to create another tool for my future wealth. We have a strong partnership with 1st Capital Insurance Group!!l" - John Bonds

"I am a security guard here in Chicago and my wife and I were talking about me having more Life Insurance Protection. Many of the companies I spoke with wanted to charge me a premium rate to cover me; I spoke with Richard and not only did he provide me with a plan that works for my budget, but also a way for the monthly premium to accumulate real value for my future retirement plans. I strongly recommend 1st Capital Insurance Group and some of their Insurance Planning Strategies." - Jerome Jackson

"I am an Electrical Engineer in my mid 50’s…I received a significant inheritance when my father died a few years ago. The financial planning advice I received at that time caused my account to not only lose value, but also created an additional tax expense for me and my wife. I had Richard and his team look at what we were doing and they came up with solutions that solved the problem, eliminated the tax issue and now have guaranteed there will be no future losses in my accounts. I have recommended 1st Capital Insurance Group to family members because I want them to experience that same professionalism." - Don Hughes

"I run a vacation home rental business and recently had my first child. It never dawned on me that I could use Life Insurance and Annuities as a way to protect my child if something happens to me…but also provide him with an asset to protect his future wealth too. Richard’s team at 1st Capital Insurance Group helped me provide that security for me and my family." - Megan Kehoe